“Art is my life and my life is art.”

My art reflects my life in every aspect. Everything that happens on canvas is a microcosmic reflection of my inner processes and perceptions. There are battles, fears and insecurities. There are also victories, satisfaction, suffering or letting go. It’s a continual expression of what’s happening in my head, in every layer of my mental mechanism.

Finding my voice is like searching for one’s life philosophy. Subjects I paint are things that inspire me in my non-artistic life. I paint subjects that I feel connected with. Art and life are two parallels blending into each other and my objective is to let them merge with the future.


2021 – 2022 Milan Art Institute, Mastery Program

2017 – 2018 London Art College, diploma

Individual exhibitions

IV/ 2018  Portraits in Soft Pastel, Gallery Art point, Slovakia

Group exhibitions

I/ 2019 AMA Tenčín, Slovakia

XI/ 2018 AMA Prievidza, Slovakia

IV/ 2018 Forme d’Arte, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome

VII/ 2018 WebArt Expo, Muvi Roma, Italy, Rome

X/ 2018 Renaissance in Pastel, UCI Gallery, Connecticut, Stamford, US

X/ 2018 Výtvarná Prievidza, Gallery Art point, Prievidza, Slovakia

XI/ 2018 Art Attraction 2018, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome

Courses, symposiums, festivals

VII/ 2018 III. Painting symposium, Bojnice, Slovakia

VI/ 2018 Stre(e)t Art PD, Street art festival, Prievidza, Slovakia

V/ 2018 Cuong Nguyen, workshop, soft pastel, Rome, Italy

II/ 2018 Michal Janovský, workshop, soft pastel, Ždiar, Slovakia

VI/ 2010 Painting symposium in Brekov, Slovakia

Wrote about me

A5 Art Magazine
London Art College