“My life is inseparably tied with art”

Everything that happens on canvas is a microcosmic reflection of my inner mental processes and perceptions. There are battles, fears and insecurities. There are also victories, satisfaction, suffering or letting go. It’s a continual expression of what’s happening in my personal universe, on every layer of my mental mechanism.

Finding an artistic voice is like searching for one’s life philosophy. Subjects I paint are things that inspire me in my non-artistic life, if that even exists. I paint subjects that I feel connected with, that I consider important. Art and life are two parallels blending into each other and my objective is to let them merge with the future and translate this intimate connection with life into a visual message and share it.


Ivana Eldé is a Slovak-French artist born in 1994 in Slovakia. She visited over 20 countries and lived in Czechia, Switzerland and France, where she finally stayed.

Born in a tiny post-communist country with a non-existent fine art market, Ivana had to find another way how to pursue the only objective of her life. After overcoming more than just her fear and distance, she moved to France and started new life.

With two university degrees and unfinished PhD study, and after all the bad things that had happened, she can finally tell that she is where she is supposed to be.


2022 – ongoing – New Masters Academy
2021 – 2022 Milan Art Institute, Mastery Program
2017 – 2018 London Art College, diploma

Individual Exhibitions

IV/ 2018  Portraits in Soft Pastel, Gallery Art point, Slovakia

Group Exhibitions

V/ 2023 “Navzájom si porozumieť” (link), Nádvorie, Trnava Slovakia
I/ 2023 Warmth in Winter, Pastel Society Alaska
X/ 2022 Biennale Internationale du Pastel, Sanary-sur-Mer, France
IX/ 2022 Biennale Internationale du Pastel de Lyon, France
XI/ 2020 Les Pastellistes Online, The Pastel Society of Eastern Canada
IV/ 2019 “V novom šate”, Zichyho palác, Bratislava, Slovakia
I/ 2019 AMA Tenčín, Slovakia
XI/ 2018 AMA Prievidza, Slovakia
IV/ 2018 Forme d’Arte, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome
VII/ 2018 WebArt Expo, Muvi Roma, Italy, Rome
X/ 2018 25th Annual National Exhibition: Renaissance in Pastel, UCI Gallery, Connecticut, Stamford, US
X/ 2018 Výtvarná Prievidza, Gallery Art point, Prievidza, Slovakia
XI/ 2018 Art Attraction 2018, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome
(this is a non exhaustive list of group expositions)

Courses, Symposiums, Festivals

VII/ 2018 III. Painting symposium, Bojnice, Slovakia
VI/ 2018 Stre(e)t Art PD, Street art festival, Prievidza, Slovakia
V/ 2018 Cuong Nguyen, workshop, soft pastel, Rome, Italy
II/ 2018 Michal Janovský, workshop, soft pastel, Ždiar, Slovakia
VI/ 2010 Painting symposium in Brekov, Slovakia

Wrote about me

A5 Art Magazine
London Art College