Custom Portrait Painting

Soft Pastel

Each portrait is painted with soft pastel on acid-free high quality artistic paper. Every piece of art is carefully painted by hand and finishing such a piece takes several weeks. Please note that the final portrait must be framed in a frame with a gallery glass and with a mounting frame (passe-partout). I do not offer framing services.


Prices are for one subject portraits. Every additional subject increases the price by around 15%. Prices include 20% value-added tax. Price does not include mounting, framing nor shipping. Get a quote.

How the price is calculated?

Size in cm² + amount of detail + materials = price. Of course, it varies depending on the style of a piece, if there is a complicated background or if it is a composite image (stitching individual images together to create a group composition).

How do I make payment?

After setting a price you will be asked to pay half of the price in advance. Upon completion of the piece, you will be asked to pay the outstanding amount plus the shipping fee. The piece will be shipped upon completion of the piece to your full satisfaction.


If you are ready to commission a custom portrait painting, please contact me and you will receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

How to chose a good photo?

A good reference photo is of high quality, preferably with a single source of light, with visible light in eyes. I do not accept blurred or pixelated photos. Lower quality images can sometimes be used but this is at the artist’s discretion and may result in a less detailed drawing. If you need help or you are not sure, don’t hesitate to send me multiple images and I will be happy to help you.

How long will it take to create my portrait?

The painting will be shipped between 3-5 weeks. Remember, this is a highly detailed painting done in a realistic style. It takes time and is well worth the wait as you will be receiving a unique, skilfully made piece of art to last a lifetime and beyond. As a general rule: the bigger and complicated the piece, the longer it will take. During busy periods it may take longer and it will be communicated upon ordering a portrait.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, small pieces will be mounted on acid free cardboard/ mat support, in a plastic sleeve and sent in a padded envelope. Sometimes I may provide an inner frame called passe-partout if necessary. Regarding bigger pieces, I prefer to hand them over in person if possible. Shipping prices differ for France, European countries and countries outside EU and will be calculated separately.


As the author of the painting I own all the rights and it is forbidden to reproduce or copy my artwork or any part of my artwork. I reserve all rights to share photos/ videos of my artwork for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, I always respect my client’s wishes not to share photos of the painting (e.g. the commissioned painting is a gift and the client does not wish it to be revealed before a certain date). This must be communicated before paying the first installment.