Goals, membership and contact

Pastel Society of Slovakia is a non-profit organization based in Slovakia established in 2018, currently with more than 150 members. Those are artists, amateur and professionals, mostly from Slovakia and Czechia, but also from France, Serbia, Turkey and other countries. Pastel Society of Slovakia was formed as a Facebook group of those, who use dry media for painting and drawing, especially soft pastel. Number of members is constantly growing. Learn more about membership options below.

Goals of Pastel Society

  • Group contemporary artists, amateurs and professionals who
  • use soft pastel, oil pastel, graphite or any other dry media and
  • support and present their work and
  • organize courses, workshops, competitions and exhibitions and
  • inspire and provide news from the world of art

If you are interested in becoming a member or other mean of cooperation, let us know.

More information

More information can be found of a website of Pastel Society of Slovakia on this link, currently available only in Slovak. You can visit an online gallery of the members, get latest information about exhibitions and competitions organized by pastel societies from abroad.

Become a member.


,,Pastelist –  an artist who works with pastels”

noun - - or pastellist

Membership extras

  • (e-book about drawing in Slovak language,)
  • personal mini-gallery for your artworks on the website of Pastel Society of Slovakia,
  • inspiration and support from the community,
  • information about deadlines of competitions for pastelists,
  • one or two times a year – a group exhibition in Piešťany – International salon Aeolian Dust

Membership types

Active member

Yearly membership fee is 10€ and this fee helps the organization to maintain the website and pay for a domain (which we currently cannot afford) and for a webhosting, but also other administrative fees. Active member has access to the newsletter, e-books and do not need to pay a fee for exhibitions organized by Pastel Society of Slovakia. As an active member you can participate in internal decisions of the Society, become a co-author of e-books or newsletter created by the Society.

Passive member

Passive member has access to the community and newsletters but needs to pay a fee for competitions and exhibitions of Pastel Society of Slovakia. As a passive member you don’t have the benefit of your own web gallery nor access to e-books.

Honorable member

Honorable membership is free and only for members nominated and approved by a committee (group of active members). It can be an artistically active artist, or a significant or beneficial person, and must first agree with that membership. He has access to everything as an active member.

Become a member

Yearly membership fee is 5 EUR and you can subscribe right now:




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