"Feedom II" is now live

Ivana's Story

"My art reflects the beauty of life’s quiet moments and the joy of genuine connections. Through the lens of innocence, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, bringing a sense of calm to every viewer."

Ivanka Eldé

There is More

The new collection "Freedom II" is now live, but there's more! "Freedom II" is a seamless continuum of the previous collection, "Freedom I," yet each explores different horizons. Browse previous collections or view older artworks to witness the journey.

Ivanka Eldé

Custom Paintings

Dream of a bespoke piece of art capturing a cherished memory or complementing your home? Whether a portrait or any scene, a unique piece will be crafted just for you.

Original Artwork

Explore collections of original artworks and fine art prints. Each piece is created with the highest quality, ensuring a work of art that is truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Art Workshops

Art workshops offer a unique, therapeutic approach for kids, organized in schools by invitation. Reach out to plan a session that sparks creativity and joy. Portrait drawing workshops coming soon !