Ivana’s Story

Ivanka Eldé is a fine artist from the heart of Europe, Slovakia, currently living in France.

From a young age, Ivanka knew she wanted to be an artist. Inspired by her art teacher’s calm and cultivated demeanor, she found peace amidst the chaos of her life through drawing images from Slovak traditional fairy tales and rural traditions. These early experiences fostered a deep connection with traditional Slovak art and ignited her dream of becoming an academic painter.

Despite facing little support from her family, Ivanka never let go of her passion. She moved abroad, living in Switzerland, Czechia, and France, where she began a new life working in a corporate job while painting in her spare time. Her talent for portrait painting quickly gained recognition, leading to many successful commissions. Enrolling at the Milar Art Institute marked the beginning of her formal journey into the world of art, where she delved into the study of anatomy, light, color, and composition.

Live portrait painting workshop in Rome, Italy

Ivanka’s artistic voice is shaped by her dual art education: the decorative arts with a modern approach to visual aesthetics and the traditional Italian school focused on old masters’ techniques. She loves blending classical and contemporary styles, exploring the relationship between light and color. Her works often feature personal symbols, vivid color palettes, and a mix of oil paint, acrylics, and pastels.

Ivanka’s art speaks to her experiences, life opinions, and the things that matter most to her. She creates pieces that reflect the beauty of life’s quiet moments and the joy of genuine connections, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her artwork aims to bring a sense of calm, peace, and soothing tranquility to every viewer.

Her journey as an artist is one of self-discovery and healing. Through her paintings, she conveys the importance of supportive connections and the serene calm she has found in her life. Ivanka wishes to share this gentle, delicate touch with everyone, believing in its healing power.

Ivanka’s artwork has found a well-established collector base in Europe and the U.S., and she regularly participates in juried group shows worldwide.


Individual Exhibitions

IV/ 2018  Portraits in Soft Pastel, Gallery Art point, Slovakia

Group Exhibitions

X/2024 “Salon International des Arts” Zillisheim, France
VI/2024 “Reminiscencie Trnavskej palety”, Trnava, Slovakia
V/2024 “Výtvarné spektrum 2024”, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
II/2024 “Trnavská paleta 2024”, Trnava, Slovakia
V/ 2023 “Navzájom si porozumieť” (link), Nádvorie, Trnava, Slovakia
I/ 2023 Juried Show, Warmth in Winter, Pastel Society Alaska
X/ 2022 Juried Show, Biennale Internationale du Pastel, Sanary-sur-Mer, France
IX/ 2022 Juries Show, Biennale Internationale du Pastel de Lyon, France
XI/ 2020 Juried Show, Les Pastellistes Online, The Pastel Society of Eastern Canada
IV/ 2019 “V novom šate”, Zichyho palác, Bratislava, Slovakia
I/ 2019 National contest, AMA Tenčín, Slovakia
XI/ 2018 Regional contest, AMA Prievidza, Slovakia
IV/ 2018 Forme d’Arte, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome
VII/ 2018 WebArt Expo, Muvi Roma, Italy, Rome
X/ 2018 25th Juries show, Annual National Exhibition: Renaissance in Pastel, UCI Gallery, Connecticut, Stamford, US
X/ 2018 Regional contest, Výtvarná Prievidza, Gallery Art point, Prievidza, Slovakia
XI/ 2018 Art Attraction 2018, Grifio Art Gallery, Italy, Rome


2022 – 2024 New Masters Academy, Certificates in Anatomy, Oil Painting and Color Theory
2021 – 2024 Milan Art Institute, Mastery Program
2017 – 2018 London Art College, Diploma in Pastel Painting